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Benefits of using JobCrystal

  • Our database is a legend in its own time.

    We own the only passive job-seeker database in the country. It's unique, it's revolutionary, and it features over 200,000 high-potential candidates who are not available through any other channel.

  • There's no waiting around.

    You can access our database at 2am, if that's when you do your best recruiting work. With us, it's all about real-time search, anytime access, and quick turnaround time.

  • Our job-seekers are really smart cookies.

    The candidates you'll be rubbing shoulders with make up some of the best talent in the country: people with niche skills, knowledge workers, and those who enjoy challenges, learning and constant improvement.

  • You can hire as many staff as you like, all at once.

    You can conduct as many concurrent searches as you want, simply by creating a separate listing for each position. And what's more, we'll give you the resources to help you create all those job descriptions to make sure you attract exactly the candidates you're after.

  • Pretty colours, sleek lines, and click-me buttons!

    Seriously, our professional and user-friendly interface makes placing ads and shortlisting candidates a breeze. With JobCrystal you don't have to sift through hundreds of badly compiled CVs – we create a streamlined profile for each job-seeker, showing you the info you need in a format that makes sense.

  • You only pay upon successful placement.

    That's going to make the guys in finance happy, isn't it? You can register for free, place job ads for free and view applicant details for free. The only time you pay is when you hire one of our super-talented job-seekers.

  • We work on a flat-fee structure.

    No sliding scales, no complicated percentages, no pro-rata fractional multiplied-by-pi-squared bi-monthly payments – just a simple flat fee upon placement depending on salary, allowing you to set a budget for recruitment... and stick to it. That's going to make the guys in finance happy too.

  • There's a 3-month money-back guarantee.

    Not that we think you'll need it, mind you, since we offer the best candidate-to-job matching since, well... forever. Nevertheless, we give you a 3-month money-back guarantee, just in case your new staff member develops some strange allergic reaction to your office walls and has to leave after a week.

Who's hiring

  • Iterative Technologies
  • Jetline e.com
  • Mr Price Group
  • Truworths
  • Santam
  • 3fifteen
  • RCS
  • Standard Bank
  • Coastal & Environmental Services (CES)
  • Redwood
  • Smollan Group
  • Sportsman Warehouse